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Big Stone County

One can find beauty, excitement, and community spirit all over Big Stone County. Its landscape of rolling prairies is dotted with wonderful communities and beautiful lakes. There are always events going on across Big Stone County, whether it is winter or summer. The county’s namesake, Big Stone Lake, is 26 miles long and wonderful to interact with all year long.

Get Outdoors!

Big Stone County is full of natural beauty, and visiting provides a great opportunity to get out in it. You can go hunting, fishing, and boating, as well as hiking! Whether you are picnicking in one of Big Stone’s many beautiful parks, or out hunting and fishing, you are sure to have a wonderful time.

Fishing and Hunting

The 26-mile-long Big Stone Lake, bordering South Dakota and Minnesota. Long ago, this area consisted of the south end of Glacial Lake Agassiz and the headwaters of the Minnesota River. Besides offering swimming, boating, paddling, and bountiful fishing (walleye, northern pike, bluegill, and yellow perch), the lake hosts Big Stone Lake State Park, the Hudsonian Continental Divide, and the Big Stone National Wildlife Refuge. In the northern section of the 986-acre Big Stone Lake State Park is the Bonanza Area, which includes 30 acres of rare glacial till hill prairie. This unique region has been specially designated as a Scientific and Natural Area (SNA) and also offers a picnic area, and boat launch for guests.

Big Stone Lake has over 45 different kinds of fish, and is a great spot whether its summer, or you are spending the day in the ice house. The DNR has lots of great information, whether you’re a pro, or just beginning.

Hunting is just as easy as fishing in Big Stone. The top game is deer, pheasants, and ducks, but there are a wide range of hunting opportunities. A great way to find landowner information and maps of public hunting locations is through the Big Stone County GIS link.

Join the Fun!

Big Stone County is home to tons of fun events! All year round, the communities of the county are celebrating. Events are a great way to explore since all the businesses, restaurants, artists, and community members of all ages come out to have fun and take part in tradition and culture. Whether you’re attending the St. Patrick’s Day Parade Graceville,  going Ice Bowling in Beardsley, or attending the Big Stone County Fair in Clinton, you are sure to have a blast. Just a few annual events are described below, but there’s always something going on, so don’t forget to check the calendar!

Explore Communities!

Spending time in Big Stone County doesn’t have to be all events and running around outdoors. Every community has wonderful places to explore at your own pace. Shopping, eating, and learning opportunities abound.  There are lots of boutiques and consignment stores if you are looking to find some unique and wonderful clothing, and furniture and antique stores to look for home decor. In all shops, the staff is friendly and eager to help you find just what you want and make sure you are having a wonderful day. It is easy to spend entire days browsing shops and chatting with the people at them.

Ortonville-28In addition to the boutiques and stores, there are many artists in Big Stone County. This includes photographers who both sell their photographs, and their portraiture services, painters, jewelers, and many others. Their studios and stores are always a wonderful place to stop and look around. There is also an annual Arts Meander through the entire region, and then you can explore studios, and get up close and personal with the art and the artists.

You’ll certainly work up an appetite with all this walking around and exploring, and there are lots of places to eat. Big Stone County has everything from resorts and supper clubs, to cafes and diners. Every community has its favorite spots, and you can always find something delicious to eat! Enjoy fresh pastries at Lingonberry’s Pastry & Coffee Shop downtown Ortonville, indulge in homemade breakfast at the Inadvertent Café in Clinton, or enjoy a delicious steak while watching the sunset along the lakeshore at Lakewood Lodge Supper Club – These are just to name a few delicious spots!

To learn more about Big Stone County itself, visit some of the historical sites like the Big Stone County Museum which has an extensive outdoor and indoor displays of county history. There’s even the former Artichoke Lake General Store, which was relocated to the museum grounds. It’s a wonderful place to go to learn about the county and the history of the area where you are staying! Check out the map below for all the different places to explore in Big Stone County.

So pack your bags, and come visit Big Stone County! Interested in staying more then a few days? Become a local!! Visit for everything you need to know about relocating to Big Stone County!

Big Stone County

Big Stone County

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